20 JUNE 2020

Networking for your business can be a very unnatural feeling activity.

When I bought Intelligent Office in 2016 I left a career in IT Consulting. I served in different roles over the years, developer, architect, practice lead, and in pre-sales. I never had to prospect for customers. The companies that I had worked for/with had outside salespeople and some inside sales as well. When you are in pre-sales (hopefully) the sales people upstream from you have qualified the lead and you are coming in speaking with an interested person.

I got lucky in a way in that the previous owner that I bought IO from had a partially used membership to BNI that he offered to transfer to me. I had never heard of BNI but when you're thrown into something completely new like this was for me, it's good to dip toes into different things to see what works.

BNI stands for "Business Network International". There is too much to really get into here, but simply their motto is "Givers Gain". The organization is built around having a network of trusted referral partners. It's a little pricey to get started with, but for some business people it can be their primary lead source.

Business Network International

Check it out. There are chapters all over the world. One nice thing about the pandemic is that the meetings have moved to Zoom. You can visit any of the chapters virtually now, potentially opening up your network worldwide.